These are some peices of ancient armour I have found a long my journeys in CH. Warrior ancient armour is, Ancient Scale and Ancient Plate. Price for full anc scale is 28000. These are the prices of seperate peices: Gloves 2290, Boots 3360, Helm 4760, Greaves 7840, Chestplate 9800. The full price for ancient plate is 56000.These are the prices of sperate peices: Gloves 4480, Boots 6720, Helm 9520, Greaves 15680, Chestplate 196000. Ranger/Rouge Ancient Armour is Ancient Leather and Ancient Lamellar price for anc leather is the same prices as anc scale and the prices for anc lamellar is the same as the prices for anc plate. Ancient Armour for Druids/Mage is Anient Linen and Ancient Silk. The prices for anc linen arre the same prices as for anc leather and anc scale and the prices for anc silk are the same for anc plate and anc lamellar. If this helps, your welcome if not then oh well.