The Energy Pool of a player is the maximum amount of Energy he has.

Increasing the Energy PoolEdit

A player can increase his Energy Pool by investing Attribute Points into Focus, by using light items (weight decreases a player's energy pool), or by using items that give bonuses in energy.

Another way to increase the energy pool is to use potions or elixirs that increase max energy. The following potions and elixirs will increase the player's energy pool: Super Combination Elixirs, Combination Elixirs, Super Max Energy Elixirs, Max Energy Elixirs, Super Combination Potions, Combination Potions, Super Max Energy Potions and Max Energy Potions.

At 100 Focus you will have 400 energy (with no items equiped).


Some rich players go with 5 Focus and never run out of energy in fight because of the energy regeneration they get from their items.

Having a high energy pool can be useful to Mages using the Energy Shield skill.