Regarding gameplay Edit

Is there a fast way of getting gold? Edit

No, in Celtic Heroes there is no really fast way of geting gold. But common practices to obtain gold exist, these methods are; farming, AFK farming, merchanting, and the sale of boss drops.

Regarding Items Edit

Is it possible to recover scammed items? Edit

No it is not, unfortunately the item still exists in game, therefore Celtic Heroes cannot "Restore the Item".


Yes, Celtic Heroes has a policy of which the following criteria must be met to be restored

  • Item in question is a quest item that is required in order to progress through the game
  • Item is no longer available to be purchased and was lost within the last 30 days
  • Item was dropped within the last 30 days
  • If item was sold, the character who sold the item must have the gold from the sale of the item and the item had to be sold within 30 days
  • Items that were traded/mailed cannot be restored

I sold an item to an npc shop can I have it refunded?/ I bought an item or platnium can I have a refund? Edit

Yes, however it must meet the following criterias in Celtic Heroes' refund policy

  • Examined on a case to case basis
  • Item to be refunded must be reported within 3 days
  • One refund claim per calendar month per account.
  • Limited to 3 items per claim
  • Items traded or sold are not entitled to refunds
  • Items received by a mistake (buying 2 instead of 1 item) may be refunded and will not go against the refund limit
  • Items purchased from the platinum shop will only be refunded within the 3 day period and are not included in the refund limit
  • Gold purchased by platinum CANNOT be refunded
  • Platinum CANNOT be refunded
  • Abuse of the Refund system may result in temporary or permanent suspension of support assistance