There are a lot of Quests currently implemented in Celtic Heroes, and more that will be added over time.

Quests are designed to help newcomers get used to the game, but also for more experienced players to find other ways to enjoy the content of Celtic Heroes (apart from killing monsters for the loot and experience they provide).

Quests are also a source of experience as well as a way to earn gold and special items.

They can be divided into 3 different categories: One-Time Quests, Repeatable Quests, and Time-Gated Quests.

One-Time QuestsEdit

One-time quests can be done only once by a character in Celtic Heroes. One-time Quests are often received as a part of the main questline.

There have been issues concerning certain quests as the reward can be obtained only once (an example being the Warden Quest, which gives to the player an untradeable armour set that can only be obtained once, so if a player sells it to a merchant or drops it by mistake, they will not be able to recover it without contacting support).

Repeatable QuestsEdit

Repeatable quests can be done multiple times in succession. A repeatable quest can be accepted again immediately after it has been turned in.

Time-Gated Quests Edit

Time-Gated Quests are locked for a certain amount of time before becoming available again. Cooldown periods include daily and weekly lockouts.