Shops are NPCs that you can buy items from.

Lirs reach:Edit

At dustwither you can fight a variety of bosses that drop armour.

The bosses are level 30-40 and 5 or 6 stars.

They drop:

Tanned darkrun for rogues:

gives extra attack.

Woven silverleaf:

gives extra energy.

Hammered redclaw:

gives extra health.

You can can ask stronger players for the armour if you're are to weak to beat the bosses.

The price is ussually between 500-2000

Made by roguepwner on belenus :)

Farcrag Castle:Edit

Fergus the BlacksmithEdit

Fergus the Blacksmith sells weapons for beggingers. They are very cheap, and thus, very weak.

Quigley the MerchantEdit

Quigley the Merchant (often refered to as "the lux shop") sells a wide veriety of expenseve luxury items. You must have 20,000 gold to view his stock.

Angus MacLirEdit

Angus Maclir sells Redclaw, Highroad, Darkrun, Silverleaf and Sorcerous armour. His stock can only be viewed if the MacLir quests have been completed.