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Full Set of Silverleaf Armour

Silverleaf armour is bought from the item trader Angus MacLir in Farcrag Castle. It is a Light weight druid armour beware as it has a couple of flaws in defense! It is reccomended to save for a slightly better armor

Silverleaf Robe:Edit

Slot: Chest

Armour: 16

Weight: 9

Focus Requirement: 40

Silverleaf Leggings:Edit

Slot: Legs

Armour: 13

Weight: 7

Focus Requirement: 40

Silverleaf Circlet:Edit

Slot: Head

Armour: 9

Weight: 5

Focus Requirement: 40

Silverleaf Gloves:Edit

Slot: Hands

Armour: 5

Weight: 2

Focus Requirement: 40

Silverleaf Sandals:Edit

Slot: Feet

Armour: 7

Weight: 3

Focus Requirement: 40

Woven Silverleaf:Edit

Woven Silverleaf armour is the same as normal silverleaf but it gives an extra bonus to the Energy Pool of the player. This armour is only obtanable through the Arch-Disciple Manurla, Arch-Disciple Syrus and Incarnation of Donn in the catacomes. The Energy Pool bonuses are as follows:

Robe: 35

Leggings: 28

Circlet: 17

Gloves: 8

Sandals: 12