The stats screen displays the character's statistics. It displays character name, class, level, gold, platinum, primary stats, and secondary stats.

Primary Stats Edit

There are 4 different primary stats a character can choose to invest points in: Strength, Dexterity, Focus, and Vitality. Every new character starts with 5 Strength, 5 Dexterity, 5 Focus and 10 Vitality. Upon gaining a level, the player will gain 5 stat points to invest in primary stats.

Strength Edit

Affects damage of melee Auto Attacks.

Dexterity Edit

Each point in Dexterity improves the character's Attack (chance to hit) by 1 and Defense (chances to dodge an attack) by 2.

Focus Edit

Increases the max Energy of the character. Equipment weight will reduce this value.

Vitality Edit

Increases the max Health of the character.

Secondary Stats Edit

Health Edit

The character's total health. Below the health stat is the number of Sigils of Health that have been activated on the character.

Energy Edit

The character's total energy. Below the energy stat is the number of Sigils of Energy that have been activated on the character.

Attack Edit

Affects the character's chance to hit a target rather than missing.

Damage Edit

Affects the amount of damage the character deals when attacking.

Defense Edit

Affects the chance the character has to dodge incoming attacks.

Armour Edit

Reduces the amount of incoming damage the character takes.

Carried Items Edit

The amount of inventory spaces currently filled. Every character starts with 10 inventory spaces. When the maximum capacity of the inventory is exceeded, the player can no longer freely fast travel to leystones, with exception to leystones located withing Farcrag Castle. Backpack Expansions can be used to increase the maximum capacity of the inventory by 10 per expansion.

Equipped Weight Edit

Reduces the character's total energy added by the Focus primary stat.