Warriors can wear heavy armour to take less damage however heavier armour makes your character have less energy. In order of (my opinion) least to greatest these are the best armours: Burnished, Splint, Scale, Dauntless, Plate, Redclaw, Ancient Scale, Ancient Plate, Bloodstrike, Astral. There are 2 main types of warrior. To get Bloodstrike armour you must be a level mininum of 50. You have to aquire discs (either from bossing these people: Charfire, Fellfire, Crystalmist, Chillmist, Shimmerspell, Starspell, Brtus, and Falgren, or buying them from people that have them). To gain Astral armour you must be a lvl mininum of level 60. To gain Astral armour you must aquire tablets and remmanents, the remmanents are dropped by the big red bosses that are found all around the place, these bosses are difficult to take down and requie teamwork to kill.:-)